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Dewetron Power Quality Analyzers

Producent: Dewetron

Power Quality Analysis - Power Quality Measurements

Power quality, also known as grid quality, grid voltage quality or service reliability, is a topic that is directly linked to energy supply and is certainly a highly topical issue in this field. Due to the liberalization of power markets, grid-bound energy sources, such as electrical current, became freely tradable products and thus have to obey product liability law as do other tradable products. The corresponding parameters were constituted in the product standard EN 50160 in Europe. Additionally, there are many other tasks: e.g. special harmonics evaluations, long-term measurements, and the identification of fastest transient processes or only power flow measurements in four quadrants.


The identification of limit values that are constituted in the EN 50160 or in another power quality standard is nowadays not a big challenger anymore. Several millimeters can measure these, compare their values with limit values and reflect them in well-formatted reports.
The task becomes more specialized when you want to find the reasons for off-limit conditions; that is when you want to make exact analyses of the national grid. For very fast transient processes as they can appear in low voltage grids, sampling rates of 6,4 kHz are not sufficient. 1 million data points per second are necessary in this case.

  • 1 Msamples/sec

The analysis of harmonics up to the 25th is sufficient for the EN 50160 but other standards demand 50 or even 100. Latest standards even proceed to the range of 9 kHz in order to identify disturbances of electrical instruments (200 Hz bands of 2 to 9 kHz).



The product DEWE-571-PNA was especially designed and developed for measurements in distributors and central control rooms. Completely isolated, highest EMC protection and a stable case characterize this instrument. If more channels are needed then the ELOG model can help. Four voltages and twelve currents at the same time are its specific feature.
Besides, also other products in a conventional DEWETRON box and completely installed systems are available. The requirements of analysis instruments for power quality were constituted in the standard IEC 61000-4-30. Our instruments comply with this standard.


The software of DEWESoft with its options POWER and DB (report generator PMT) was especially designed for exact normative analyses and, among other features, offers the following functions for analysis:

  • Voltage curve, voltage jumps, voltage fluctuations
  • Disturbance statistics (Unipede, CBEMA, ITI, SEMI F47, …)
  • Flicker (IEC 61000-4-15)
  • Power quality analysis, load curve analysis
  • Reports according to standards (e.g. EN 50160, IEC 61000,…)
  • Flexibility of configuration of measurement
  • Flexible screen settings
  • Flexible reports (according to standards or user-defined)
  • Integration in permanent monitoring systems possible


  • Energy supply companies
  • Grid operators
  • Service technicians
  • Energy consultants and engineering offices
  • Facility management
  • Constructors of electrical plants
  • Research institutions in schools and universities

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